Ripple has been able to gain a lot with its native Thus, XRP overtakes Tether again and makes to third place by cryptocurrency XRP in the last few days. The XRP price has not only risen by about 100% in the previous seven days but has also touched a fresh record high in daily trading volume. market capitalization.

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XRP on the rise

The XRP price has not moved for a long time. In the meantime, not only the Bitcoin price has exploded, but also many Defi tokens.

The recent XRP price increase could mark a turnaround for Ripple’s native cryptocurrency. A possible reason for the substantial growth is the upcoming Spark Token Airdrop, supported by the Broker eToro.

Because of its volatility, Bitcoin name has been destroyed by some asset managers in traditional finance.

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But on the other hand, VanEck said that the story is not as simple as it was previously assumed. Indeed, the well-known asset manager recently indicated that the number one cryptocurrency at present is less volatile than many other shares on the S&P 500.

The company compared the cryptocurrency to the S&P 500 and found that Bitcoin was less volatile than 115 shares in 100 days analysis. In the past year, Bitcoin was even a better less volatile than 151 shares in the index. The organization said the following in a blog post that was shared Friday:

“Although Bitcoin remains volatile, it may surprise researchers and investors as to which other important assets are more volatile than Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin price is approaching its all-time high (ATH); volatility is increasing. What are the possible scenarios for BTC?

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Bitcoin price is in an increasingly steep uptrend and is very close to its historical records.

There are two possible cases here in term of Bitcoin Price.

Specialists think that now is the time to buy Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin’s price has reached a technical price range of $ 17,000 / $ 20,000, in a crypto market where BTC’s dominance is still large. Trading volume remains significant, and the growth momentum is expediting.

Analysts believe the market has reached a risky area, volatility will rise, and the market may consolidate very soon, which would be beneficial for an underlying uptrend.

Bitcoin is clearly on a strong push to its all-time highs of $ 19,600. …

Chainlink has seen a strong push higher over the past few days, with continued gains as Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen in past days.

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This market-wide uptrend has proven to be very beneficial for altcoins, and many have seen tremendous gains over the past few hours as bulls seek to trigger a full-blown 2017-style uptrend.

Since Bitcoin is showing signs of strength, buying aggressively with every dip, there is a strong likelihood that further gains are inevitable.

This could bolster Chainlink, responding quite positively to the recent momentum seen across the market.

Traders also note that crypto may be on the verge of significant further gains due to its recent break above a critical trading range. …

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On Friday, Bitcoin hedge fund giant, Pantera Capital, filed with the SEC for an equity offering of up to $ 134 million. It is one of the most significant efforts to raise capital in the company’s seven-year history. Pantera was founded in 2013 as America’s very first Bitcoin hedge fund.

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According to reports, a relatively meager $ 13 million was raised first, followed by $ 25 million. However, in 2018 the fund focused its efforts on raising more massive amounts.

These attempts headed to the formation of a third investment fund called Venture Fund III. …

Bitcoin rose to $ 18,350 last night. The price has not reached this level since December 2017. It is becoming more and more realistic to catch up with the all-time high of USD 20,000 this year.

Get new records
It didn’t seem like it a few months ago, but Bitcoin could just hit new record highs this year. Although this price rise has been predicted by many analysts, the price is rising much faster than these analysts could ever have imagined.

This week’s rising trend allowed Bitcoin to defy the sellers in the market. As a result, the cryptocurrency first exceeded the $ 16,000 level, yesterday the price shot through the $ 17,000 with the provisional high last night of $ 18,350. …

A senior employee of US financial giant Citibank has written a report on his expectation of Bitcoin in the coming year. The analyst wrote this based on similarities between the 1970s gold market and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s entire existence is characterized by massive price swings, just the kind of thing that supports a long-term trend, Thomas Fitzpatrick, a director at Citibank, said in his analysis. The analysis of the Bitcoin price is only intended for institutional clients of the bank.

The report was first leaked to the cryptocurrency community by Twitter user ClassicMacro last Saturday. …

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Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, has said her “suspicion” is that Europe will launch a digital euro. She said at the ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020 yesterday that while the central bank is not “racing to be first”, she believes a decision will be made to move forward with the project.

She went on to:

“If it is going to contribute to better monetary sovereignty and better autonomy for the euro zone, I think we should investigate. …

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain will undergo a controversial network upgrade in a few days, which could split the coin in two. The two camps are BCHN and ABC.

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Coins for developers

Bitcoin cash users and followers were surprised by the ABC camp’s proposal. The Bitcoin ABC developer team suggested taking 8% of the block reward from miners.

The ABC team’s proposal, dubbed Bitcoin ABC, would give the coins to its own development team. …

Bitcoin is moving exponentially, up to $ 18,000?

Despite all the turmoil in the world, Bitcoin continues to hold up. Bitcoin is still well above $ 15,000, a value that many two weeks ago did not see as possible. Could Bitcoin rise even further this week?

Bitcoin moves parabolically

In recent months, the Bitcoin price has been moving parabolically. Below the price you can draw a trend line that is going up faster, the price goes up exponentially. Will Bitcoin continue to follow this trend line? Then we can see an increase to 18,000 dollars within a week.

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Bitcoin finds…


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