Investments in cryptocurrency funds and products reached $4.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021, indicating a continued increase in investment by institutional investors.

According to a report by Coinshares published on Reuters, investments in cryptocurrency funds and products increased by 11% from $3.9 billion last quarter to $4.5 billion in the first three months of this year.

However, the growth of investment in cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2021 slowed down compared to the fourth quarter of the last year. …

Digital asset management company CoinShares has announced the launch of a Litecoin (LTC) exchange-traded product (ETP) with physical collateral. This is reported in the press release of the company.

Each share of CoinShares Physical Litecoin (LTC) is provided with 0.2 LTC upon release. It will be traded on the largest Swiss stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, under the ticker LITE and have a base commission of 1.5%.

“We are seeing interest from investors not only in BITCOIN and Ethereum, but also Litecoin. …

PureStake, the developer of Polkadot’s smart contract platform, announced that they have completed a $6 million funding round for “Moonbeam,” with participation from major exchanges Binance and US coinbase venture capital.

The strategic investment round led by Binance Labs along with major blockchain investment companies like CoinFund and ParaFi, Well-Known venture capital firms from the blockchain industry such as Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Hypersphere Ventures and Signum Capital.

The funding will be used to hire development personnel, build integration tools, conduct third-party security audits, and prepare for the launch of the Moonbeam mainnet, which is scheduled for mid-year.

Read: 5…

Coinbase Ventures, the venture investment arm of Coinbase, a major US crypto exchange, has announced funding in the Defi (Decentralized Finance) project Acala based on Polkadot (DOT).

Acala is a project that plans to provide Defi services on Polkadot to achieve interoperability of different blockchains. It aims to become a hub for Defi and will use this investment to continue project development.

Acala is developing a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for Defi, and its network is compatible with Ethereum (ETH) virtual machines (EVM).

The core products are the following 4.

  • Stablecoin Acala Dollar (AUSD).
  • AMM type decentralized Exchange (Acala DEX).

Enjin (ENJ), known for developing NFT (non-fungible token) specialized platforms, held a private sale for the development of the next-generation NFT blockchain “Efinity” using Polkadot.

Raised 18.9 million dollars, “Efinity” is scheduled to launch within 21 days.

The funding led by Capital, a venture division of, a cryptocurrency settlement service provider, DFG Group, and Hashed, a Korean blockchain investment company. Other Participants were Hypersphere, BlockTower, Ventures, Fenbushi, Iconium, HashKey, Arrington XRP Capital, DeFi Alliance, and other major companies, celebrities, and retail investors.

Caleb Applegate, COO of Enjin, said:

NFT should be open to everyone. With Polkadot, we…

Ripple CTO David Schwartz criticized the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm used in Bitcoin and explained how the XRP Ledger is different from Bitcoin.

David Schwartz spoke to TechRadar Pro and explained why XRP Ledger works with a different system than Bitcoin. According to Ripple CTO, the PoW system used in Bitcoin does not coincide with the principles of decentralization.

In the Bitcoin network, the miner solves complex math problems in the shortest time receives transaction fees and block rewards. Positioning miners as intermediaries, Schwartz thinks that Bitcoin is no different from other third-party-focused systems.

“A CRYPTOCURRENCY should be a one-sided market…

Ripple has announced it will buy 40 per cent stake in Tranglo, one of Asia’s largest payment companies. XRP usage is expected to increase through On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).

Ripple has struck a deal with Malaysia-based Tranglo to strengthen its position in Asia. Since its inception, Tranglo has performed more than 20 million transactions with a total value of more than $4 billion.

Thrilled to finally announce this one — combining Tranglo’s APAC footprint with RippleNet will create an even better experience for customers who can take advantage of both ODL and Line of Credit!

- Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) March…

Latvian airline AirBaltic has added the ability to pay for air tickets in ETH, BCH, and DOGE cryptocurrencies. Now the airline supports payments in 8 cryptocurrencies.

In 2014, AirBaltic was the first international airline to add the ability to buy tickets with Bitcoin. Subsequently, the company began accepting payments in USD Coin (USDC), Binance Dollar (BUSD), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and Paxos (PAX).

Now you can pay for tickets with three more cryptocurrencies: ETH Bitcoin Cash, and DOGE.

Note that ticket prices are not denominated in cryptocurrencies. They are always indicated in Euros, and the conversion takes place at the time…

Optimism, Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, has announced that it will postpone the launch of the public main net until July 2021. The developing community needs time.

Optimism is developing “Optimistic Rollup,” which is attracting attention as a measure against the soaring gas charges on Ethereum.

A roadmap update for our community ❤️

- Optimism (@optimismPBC) March 26, 2021

Initially, Optimism said it would launch the public main net as soon as possible.

On February 25, Optimism announced the launch of the main net in March of this year.

However, with the new announcement, the launch was changed to July…

More than $6 billion, the largest ever Bitcoin option contract will expire on March 26, which is equivalent to 100,400 Bitcoins.

The previous record came in January 2021, when nearly $4 billion worth of options expired, representing 36 percent of open futures contracts.

The reason why the volume of options contracts expired this time is so large because the market interest in Bitcoin options has increased dramatically.

The options market size and the number of open positions are increasing, so is the influence on the spot market. As we all know, the derivatives market is an important tool for spot market price.

In the traditional gold, stock, and other financial markets, the derivatives market’s size is usually several times the size…

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