Buy Bitcoin At Walmart-True Answer Of The Puzzle

Buy Bitcoin at Walmart is a tricky question and most of you are looking for answers. You have come to the right place to find the true answer to your question.

Buy Bitcoin At Walmart
Buy Bitcoin At Walmart

Bitcoin has become a phenomenal tool of exchange. Citizens of most advance countries to less developed countries all seem to be interested in buying and selling bitcoin as BTC promise quick transaction with very low fees even if you are transferring millions in Bitcoin.

BTC is a peer-to-peer, decentralized blockchain system that enables users to do transactions in the form of digital units that are known as Bitcoin.

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Begun in 2009 by a puzzling personality Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity is never known, BTC has been the king of cryptocurrencies and is seen as an option to fiat currencies like USD, Euro, GBP, and even gold and silver.

Bitcoin Advantages

Unlike fiat currencies Bitcoin is not constrained by any government nor anyone has a complete check to produce bitcoins. Such decentralized nature of bitcoin makes it unique and famous all over the world.

After a very little brief judgment of BTC, Let’s take a look at the various main benefits of Bitcoin

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  • Unlike fiat currencies, users have the liberty to use bitcoin, produce new bitcoin by mining and earn rewards, transfer millions in bitcoin within minutes by paying a small number of fees.

Now after a brief intro of Bitcoin especially for the newcomer’s let us come to the main topic can you buy bitcoin at Walmart. The answer is simple Walmart does not sell Bitcoin directly to its customers. Meaning you can not just go to Walmart to buy bitcoin just like you buy Books, Brands, Clothing, Electronics, Food, Fashion items, and all other stuff directly from Walmart. Walmart does not sell Bitcoin Straightly to Customers. Read: 3Commas Crypto Trading Bot Review

True Answer

But there are ways to get bitcoin keeping Walmart in contact.

Walmart supports money transactions that are known as Walmart2Walmart money transfers. Walmart is doing a money transfer business worldwide with a connection with MoneyGram.

But Walmart2Walmart is an altogether separate service with the aid of Ria money transfers. You can transfer money from one Walmart to another Walmart by Walmart2Walmar service.

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You need to find a seller who is selling bitcoin. Transfer your money to the teller at the Walmart and then shift that money to the seller of the bitcoin-only if the seller is interested in Walmart2Walmart money transfers.

But such means of the transaction is unsafe and should be avoided because you have no surety that the seller will send you, your purchased Bitcoin.

After the payment, you may get your Bitcoin in 15 minutes to an hour or two depending upon how much the Bitcoin network is loaded.

Walmart also charges fees for Walmart2Walmart money transfers

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  • 4.50 Dollar for transfers up to 50 Dollars

Buying Bitcoin At Walmart

If you have Walmart gift cards you can sell them to get BTC.

A very renowned and trusted approach of buying bitcoin at Walmart is by using your Walmart gift cards.

Many services are offering this feature but the trusted one is Paxful with a large community.

Paxful is a platform whose primary objective is to facilitates peer to peer transactions (meaning from one user to another) and also supports buying Bitcoin with Walmart gift card.

You can buy and sell your bitcoin with Walmart Gift Cards immediately and securely on Paxful.

Paxful has more than 300 payment methods available, You can buy bitcoin from cash, bank or wire transfers to gift cards and payment applications.

You can select the option that suits you the most.

The basic aim of the Paxful is to allow peer to peer transactions where users can buy bitcoin straight from other users without the engagement of third parties like banks.

Paxful has an association of over three million users which makes it easy for you to find the seller of your choice.

Buy Bitcoin with Walmart Gift Card on Paxful

There are some simple and main steps in buying BTC on Paxful.

Signing Up on Paxful

The first step is to make an account on Paxful, by making an account you will get a free bitcoin wallet where you can store your BTC after buying them or sell them later on.

Searching an offer

Always review the seller profile thoroughly, Must view the reputation of a seller, its profile, the successful rate of BTC transfers before getting forward in making any kind of Deals.

After making an account, List your Walmart gift cards for sale to buy BTC from the Bitcoin sellers. You can also search for offers. Search the sellers who are willing to sell their BTC against Walmart gift cards, There are so many sellers, you will find one easily.

Start a Trade

Different sellers will have various terms of payment methods and conditions. When founding a seller according to your requirements, enter the amount of bitcoin you want to buy by selling your gift card and this opens a new window of live chat with the BTC seller.

Obey the directions of the seller to make payment and verify your transaction.

Receive Your BTC

After receiving the payment and in this case, after receiving the Walmart gift card seller will deliver you the bitcoin which will be deposited directly into your Paxful wallet.

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Once you received your BTC you can transfer your Bitcoin anywhere you want in no time from your Paxful wallet.

Visit Paxful

Other Methods Of Buying Bitcoin Than Walmart

There are many authentic ways of buying BTC rather than Walmart.

Some of them are

Bank account, Debit card or Credit card

Now as the crypto market is developing more rapidly than ever before you can very easily buy BTC by conventional payment systems.

Crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance US, Kraken, Coinmama allows you to buy BTC with Bank transfers and credit cards.

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Although it’s a very new concept, Bitcoin ATMs are emerging in many cities around the world and their numbers are improving.

You can find the closest Bitcoin ATMs in your area using BTC ATM location finder service CoinATMRadar.

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the most straightforward and most immediate means to buy bitcoins.

With the booming reputation of bitcoins, such ATMs have become one of the most common ways to buy Bitcoin.

You can go to your nearest Bitcoin ATM, Select the option of buying BTC, Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy, provide your BTC wallet address, put the required money in BTC ATM and press send button to receive your BTC in your wallet.

NOTE: If you do not have any BTC wallet address the Bitcoin ATM will create a new wallet address for you and print it out.

Bitcoin ATMs may not appear in countries where Bitcoin is banned.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Users can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on online marketplaces called cryptocurrency exchanges.

On these exchanges you can trade fiat currencies like Dollar, Euro, etc for Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Coinbase is the best choice for American citizens to buy bitcoin directly from their bank accounts or credit cards.

As cryptocurrencies are advancing day by day, the modern crypto exchanges not only offer you to just trade your digital coins but also presents the ability to buy BTC from the bank accounts or credit cards.

Coinbase a name well known to all of the cryptocurrency believers is an American startup launched in San Francisco in 2012 and now serving in 32 countries is a most secure and reliable way if you are interested in buying BTC.

To use Coinbase:

  • Signup on Coinbase by giving your email and password.

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Coinbase also lets you stake Tezos. Staking is a process where users hold Tezos and earn rewards. Coinbase is offering 5% rewards on Tezos.

For more details visit

Binance US

Again those involved in cryptocurrencies should have heard about Binance exchange.

Binance US is the project of Binance, primarily designed for US customers.

Binance partnered with BAM Trading Services which is approved by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and is based in California to launch Binance US.

Binance US allows you to purchase more than 20 cryptocurrencies from USD including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, Cardano, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash and others. See all of the crypto coins offered by Binance US Binance US enables you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by ACH, Debit Card, Bank transfer and wire transfer.

Binance US has cleared administrative and compliance hurdles to operate in the USA.

Binance has also launched Binance USD stable coin (BUSD) which is approved by NewYork State Department of Financial Services.

With Automated clearing house (ACH) payments you can buy any altcoin up to your daily ACH transfer limit.

You can connect your debit card to your account to buy the coin of your choice.

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Note: You need to verify your identity on Binance US to proceed with any of the payment methods.

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You can also Bank transfer and Wire transfer funds from your bank account to Binance US account to buy any available digital assets on Binance US.

Binance US also offers staking of Atom and ALGO, Estimated annual rewards on Atom is 6–9% and 8–10% on ALGO.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Exchanges

Such types of exchanges allow the users to trade directly with each other without the involvement of any trusted third party which can monitor all the trades.

General crypto exchanges like Coinbase work as an intermediary between the buyers and sellers and collect their profits in the form of fees.

On peer to peer exchange buyers and sellers can select from themselves whom they want to trade.

Buyers can select any seller from whom they want to purchase BTC and seller can also instruct buyers like which payments methods suite the seller, what rate the seller is ready to sell their BTC, etc

When buying Bitcoin from any peer to peer exchange you must make sure to examine the profile of the seller.

How many successful trades seller has completed by properly transferring bitcoins to buyers, the delivery time of the seller, Its reputation as a seller to avoid any misfortunes and losses.

Paxful, Local bitcoins are an example renowned of peer to peer exchanges.

Walmart offers no service where you can just go and buy BTC directly at Walmart.


The final wording of this discussion is that you cannot directly buy Bitcoin at Walmart.

You can sell your Walmart gift cards on peer to peer exchanges to buy BTC.

There are many other renowned methods than buying BTC on Walmart that can help you to become the owner of Bitcoin as discussed above.

Originally published at on April 7, 2020.



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